Placement Video Guidelines:
One or more pieces or excerpts that demonstrate technique and expression. Time: 2 - 5 minutes.

Faculty: Michelle Kesler

Enrollment is limited to 24 cellists

Participate in a variety of ensembles, including orchestra and chamber music groups. Daily master classes will include cello ensembles, solo performances by class members, and a variety of technical and musical information.

Players should be familiar with major and minor scales, five sharps through four flats, through fifth position; be able to sight–read syncopated rhythms; be familiar with uneven time signatures; and be familiar with these bowings: legato, detache, marcato (martele), uneven combinations of slurs, hooked bowings, spiccato, staccato (separate), portato, easy ricochet, flautato, slurred eighth notes, ponticello, and string–crossing slurs.

All student cellists attending SummerFestival will participate in the orchestra, in chamber ensembles, theory classes, music literature classes, and in cello ensemble. Daily master classes (two hours) will also provide an opportunity for each student to perform and receive instruction from the faculty. Please plan on playing at least once in master class. Master classes will also be used as sectionals for orchestra repertoire and as rehearsal time for cello ensembles. We will also have a chance to cover some of the important basics of technique such as shifting and bowing styles.

Students will perform at the end of the week in the orchestra and chamber music concerts. Orchestra rehearsals and chamber music coaching take place daily. For those with a high performance level, there is also a student solo concert during the week.

A variety of musical experiences is helpful in gaining performance experience and a better knowledge of the cello. SummerFestival is an excellent opportunity to make music and make friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

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