Placement Video Guidelines:
Two contrasting pieces or excerpts that demonstrate technique and expression, plus a two octave chromatic scale, tongued in one direction and slurred the other. Record at a visual angle so embouchure and finger positions show. Piano accompaniment is optional. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: Jaren Hinckley

Enrollment is limited to 20 clarinetists and 4 bass clarinetists
Clarinetists can expect to participate in one or more of these groups: orchestra, concert band, jazz ensemble, clarinet choir, or other chamber ensembles. There will also be daily master classes and sectionals.

Clarinet: from lowest E to high F three octaves higher
Bass Clarinet: from lowest E to C above the staff

Daily master classes will focus on a different clarinet skill each day, as well as rehearsing the music for the ensembles and chamber groups. Students should bring their instrument, five or more good (preferably new) reeds, and whatever solo or chamber music and etude books they would like to work on during the week. Students can request limited private coaching if it is available. Each student will have the opportunity to perform in a concert or recital before an audience of his or her peers, friends and family.

Students will have an intense week of rehearsals, practicing, performing, learning, making friends, having fun and, most importantly, making music!

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