Jazz Piano

Placement Video Guidelines:
Demonstrate performance from a chord chart, with or without other instruments, plus D major scale, hands together, up and down two octaves. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: TBA

Enrollment is limited to 8 pianists

Enhance performance skills as a solo jazz pianist and as a member of the rhythm section in a jazz combo or big band. Attend jazz theory and history classes. Some pianists may be assigned to participate in one or more of the various jazz combos or big bands.

A participant in the SummerFestival jazz piano program is taught the basic parameters of the instrument in a jazz context: voicing of chords, improvisation, and stylistic awareness. Attention is also given to developing the jazz pianist’s ability to function in a variety of performance contexts: solo, duo, trio, combo, and jazz big band.

A participant in the program may be asked to participate in one of several ensembles or classes, such as jazz combo, big band, master class, jazz theory and history, improvisation, and arranging.

Skills required are basic piano technique, although students are assigned as needed to various jazz combos and big bands based on their respective abilities. The primary focus is on “modern” jazz: the music of the Bebop period (mid–1940s) and after, through approximately 1960. Participants will gain experience in various jazz contexts, and take classes in jazz improvisation, theory, and history. The week concludes with a performance in one or more of various jazz combos or big bands.

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