Placement Video Guidelines:
One or more pieces or excerpts that demonstrate technique and expression. Etudes from the Gekeler, Barret, or Ferling books, or a comparable method book would be appropriate. Any solo from the standard repertoire would also be acceptable. In addition, demonstrate sight-reading of an appropriate excerpt. Time: 2 - 5 minutes.

Faculty: Geralyn A. Giovannetti

Enrollment is limited to 14 oboists

Oboists will take part in a daily master class with the oboe professor. Fundamentals of oboe playing will be stressed, including proper breath support, embouchure, hand position, tonguing, articulation, scales and etudes. Students will also be coached in repertoire and oboe chamber music.

All oboe students will be introduced to the English horn. Some students will have the opportunity to develop English horn playing in their ensemble. Oboe students will also be introduced to the fundamentals of oboe reed making. Students who already own reed-making equipment are encouraged to bring it to the festival. Students will learn how to tie and scrape reeds and the basic principles of reed adjustment. The class will also learn basic care and maintenance of their instruments.

Some students may be asked to perform a solo at the student recital, and all oboists perform in small groups (duets and trios) in the student chamber music recital. Students also have an opportunity to hear the SummerFestival faculty perform in the faculty recital. During the week, students have the opportunity to take classes in a variety of music–related subjects, including music theory.

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