Placement Video Guidelines:
One hymn, a piano work, and a D major scale up and down, performed on organ if possible, no memory required. If organ is not available, perform on piano. Time: 2- 5 minutes.

Faculty: R. Don Cook

Enrollment is limited to 6 organists.

Organ instruction in classical and sacred organ playing is offered at the introductory and more advanced levels.

Introductory–level organ training includes group organ classes, daily semi–private organ instruction, an introduction to organ literature, and access to the practice organs and the organ lab. Training will consist of an introduction to manual and pedal technique, organ registration, hymn playing, and organ music.

For those with substantial organ training (regular study over a period of time with a trained organist), the course of study will include private lessons and will allow time for daily practice with involvement in other activities and classes as appropriate. These more advanced students will have a brief audition that includes two contrasting organ works and a hymn. Training will focus on deepening skills in technique, registration, hymn playing, and organ repertoire.

Organ participants should bring the following to the Summer Festival:

  • Organ music (two pieces) or funds to buy it in Provo ($16 to $75)
  • Shoes suitable for use as organ shoes
  • Your audition music as appropriate
  • A hymn book

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