Placement Video Guidelines:
A 1-minute excerpt from a solo or etude on each of the following: snare drum, timpani, keyboard percussion, drum set. Time: 2-5 minutes. In addition, percussionists may be contacted by BYU music faculty and be asked to demonstrate sight-reading ability via live internet video connection (Skype, FaceTime).

Faculty: Matt Coleman

Enrollment is limited to 12 percussionists

Percussion students are involved in two or more of the following: concert band, orchestra, jazz big band, jazz combos, and percussion ensemble. Included will be time for percussion sectionals and master classes to assist in preparation for the student concerts held later in the week.

Skills needed:

Snare drum: ability to demonstrate basic flam and drag rudiments as well as rolls in an open (rudimental) and closed (concert or buzz) style. A possible suggestion would be an excerpt from recital from Recital Solos for Snare Drum by Garwood Whaley.

Keyboard percussion: ability to play major and minor scales and arpeggios; play an etude from Fundamental Method for Mallets by Mitchell Peters

Timpani: demonstrate ability to tune intervals, facility to move between the drums, and demonstrate good tone production of basic stokes and rolls. An etude would be of the difficulty level found in Timpani Method by Alfred Friese and Alexander Lepak.

Drum set: ability to demonstrate rock, jazz, and Latin styles and interpret a basic chart in a swing style. Demonstrating the ability to play fills and solo ideas by trading 4‘s is a good way to do this.

Bring mallets and sticks needed for all of the above–mentioned instruments to the festival. One pair of drumsticks will not suffice. All percussion instruments will be provided.

Students will be able to focus on both concert music (band and orchestral) and jazz styles. If students are only comfortable in one or the other of these two, we would hope they would be willing to expand themselves. One of the important aspects of this camp is to give students new musical experiences and growth opportunities.

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