Placement Video Guidelines:
One piece or excerpt, memorized, that demonstrates technique and expression. Record at visual angle so that the hands are visible. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: Irene Peery-Fox, Scott Holden

Enrollment is limited to 48 pianists

Participants receive daily private or semi-private lessons covering repertoire, technique, and sight-reading. Students also will attend daily piano literature and keyboard skills classes. Organ classes are also offered. Participants are required to bring to the SummerFestival two pieces, one memorized and ready to perform and the second in some state of preparation.

Monday through Friday mornings, there will be classes in keyboard skills, including sight–reading, keyboard harmony, improvisation, technique, and playing by ear. Piano literature classes are organized by style periods, and students will have the opportunity to perform in these classes. Pianists also participate in daily choir rehearsals and will perform with the choir on Saturday.

Teachers will be members of the BYU piano faculty, and teacher assignments will be base on your placement video. Daily lessons may include intensive work on repertoire, sight–reading, and possibly piano duo or piano quartet ensembles. Several pianists will be chosen to perform on the Thursday night student recital. All pianists will have the opportunity to play on Saturday morning in the piano concert.

Other courses, which students may select at their option, include theory, conducting, performance enhancement, and music literature. Students will be asked to practice on their own each day in the practice rooms of the Harris Fine Arts Center.

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