Placement Video Guidelines:
After you have registered, in lieu of submitting a Placement Video, you will be contacted by BYU music faculty to schedule an appointment by live internet video connection (Skype, FaceTime). Please prepare a solo or etude that demonstrates technique and expression. In addition, you will be asked to demonstrate sight-reading. Piano accompaniment is optional. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: R. Steven Call

Enrollment is limited to six tuba students
Tuba students are involved in two or more of the following: concert band, orchestra, jazz big band, Dixieland band, brass ensemble, and tuba–euphonium ensemble. Included will be time for tuba sectional and master classes to assist in preparation for the student concerts held later in the week. During the week students will learn about correct breathing, tone production, range development, articulation, and other basics in master classes and sectional rehearsals. In addition, ensemble skills will be developed in large and small ensembles.

Skills required are basic tuba technique, including a good characteristic tone, at least a two–octave range and the ability to play most major scales and a two–octave chromatic scale starting on a note of the student’s choice. Minimal skill should be consistent with material in Rubank’s Intermediate Method for Tuba

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