Placement Video Guidelines:
Two contrasting pieces or excerpts that demonstrate technique and expression. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: Monte Belknap and Alex Woods

Enrollment is limited to 60 violinists

SummerFestival gives violinists an opportunity to participate in a full symphony orchestra (if assigned), sectionals, string chamber groups (primarily quartets), theory classes, music literature classes, and daily master classes with peers from across the country. Many BYU students have commented how helpful it was to study music in the university setting as a high school student. It helped prepare them for a university music program, especially for the BYU School of Music program.

Players should know three–octave major scales, G, A, Bb, C, and D. They should also know G, A, and C melodic minor scales; be able to sight–read syncopated rhythms; be familiar with uneven time signatures; and be familiar with these bow strokes and styles: legato, detache, marcato (martele), hooked bowings, spiccato, staccato (separate), easy ricochet, sul tasto, legato, ponticello, and string–crossing slurs.

View Several examples of recommended performance level:


We may choose one or two of the violinists to perform their piece at the Student Honors Recital. Please bring a copy of your piano part in case you are selected.

Daily master classes let each student to perform in front of peers in a positive setting and receive instruction from a member of the faculty. Please bring at least two solos to play in master class. In the past, everyone has performed in class at least once. Some of the class time may be used for sectionals. The master class is also a setting to address aspects of technique and discuss professional opportunities.

Other performance opportunities will come at the end of the week in the final chamber music and orchestra concerts. Rehearsals for these groups, with intensive coaching from a string faculty member, will take place daily.

All of these settings should give the violinist greater experience and a better knowledge of the instrument.

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