Placement Video Guidelines:
Two songs or excerpts, classical or folk, at least one with English text. Piano accompaniment is optional. Time: 2-5 minutes.

Faculty: Darrell Babidge, Rob Brandt, Diane Reichm and Lawrence Vincent

Enrollment is limited to 36

We look forward to your participation in the vocal section of SummerFestival!

Vocal students will receive instruction in the fundamental skills required for healthy singing and effective performance. This instruction will take place in technique and expression classes in the morning and semi–private instruction in the afternoon.

Each vocal participant will be expected to learn two songs on his/her own before coming to campus. These pieces should:

  1. generally be classical in vocal style, rather than pop style
  2. vary in mood/tempo
  3. be appropriate for your voice and ability
  4. be memorized in advance of coming to campus

You will be considered for solo opportunities at the student recital and choral concert later in the week.

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